NS.UMons website launched

Here it is: NS.UMons website

This is the website of the Neutron Star contact group of the University of Mons.

The group is focused on compact objects from all 4 fundamental interactions point of view, including atomic spectra, gravitation, astroparticles and nuclear physics.


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Belgian Nobel Prize

I’m late, but it is still that amazing !

Belgium now owns a Nobel Prize in Physics !

This years’ Nobel was awarded to François Englert in ULB (and to Peter Higgs by the way 😉 for their discovery on the symmetry breaking mechanism that leads to the Higgs Particle !

Congrats Prof. Englert !!

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Supermassive Black Holes

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Black Holes have found the magic hair lotion !

Black holes can grow hair !

Colleagues from the gravity group of IST together with researchers fro SISSA showed recently that the dirty environment of black holes can lead to the formation of scalar hair in the context of scalar-tensor gravity.

Good Job, Paolo and Vitor (and Thomas) !

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Welcome to my page

I’m a postdoctoral research and teaching assistant in University of Mons.

In my website, you will find informations about my research interests, links to my research papers, downloadable material and useful or funny links.

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