De la réalité à la fiction

There has been a coverage by ATHENA of our paper on universal relations  pulsars with fast rotation. Athena is the science and technology diffusion journal of the French speaking Belgian community.


or download the September edition here.

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Van der Waals black holes

Black holes are thermodynamical objects. They are characterized by an internal energy (mass), a temperature, an entropy, …

The entropy, for instance has a nice geometric connection, since it is given by a quarter of horizon area !

In the presence of a cosmological constant, the thermodynamical phase space can be enlarged, including a cosmological pressure. In this context, one can introduce equations of state relating pressure to volume, temperature and so on.

It was recently suggested that an exact black hole analogue of Van der Waals fluid, i.e. fluid with an intermolecular interaction and a size of the fluid constituents, can be devised in 4D.

In a recent paper, I’ve extended the 4D solution to arbitrary number of dimensions and various horizon topology of the horizon. This could be useful in the AdS/CFT context.

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Mons Meeting 2014

During the last week of August, we had the second edition of the Mons Meeting Workshop.

This year, the topic was ‘Multidisciplinary aspects of compact objects physics’.

Among the invited speakers:

– Claudia Ratti, from Italy, expert in QCD

– Jan Steinhoff and Norman Gürlebeck, from Germany, experts in Gravity

– Daniel Baye (atomic spectra and intense fields) and Nicolas Chamel, expert in Nuclear physics


The workshop has been a success, with around 20 registrations.

More infos and hoepfully news on future editions in the NS.UMONS webpage.


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Physics Gangsters

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Going to Japan !

Next week, I’ll be visiting my collaborator Prof. N. Sawado in the Tokyo University of Science !

I have the honor to give a seminar there, it will be soon available in the seminar section !

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This week we have J. Steinhoff visiting. Check the NS.Umons webpage for a summary of his talk.

See also his webpage in the link section for more stuff…

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That’s well summarized

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NS.UMons website launched

Here it is: NS.UMons website

This is the website of the Neutron Star contact group of the University of Mons.

The group is focused on compact objects from all 4 fundamental interactions point of view, including atomic spectra, gravitation, astroparticles and nuclear physics.


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Belgian Nobel Prize

I’m late, but it is still that amazing !

Belgium now owns a Nobel Prize in Physics !

This years’ Nobel was awarded to François Englert in ULB (and to Peter Higgs by the way 😉 for their discovery on the symmetry breaking mechanism that leads to the Higgs Particle !

Congrats Prof. Englert !!

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Supermassive Black Holes

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